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Mi Nica (Video - First Trip)

This was my first trip to Nicaragua, or anywhere for that matter. It was a life changing and eye opening experience. On this trip I met both the Perez family and Felix Martinez. I still had no idea I would be coming back or starting something or what I was getting myself into. For me, it's the trip that started it all. Still not sure where it's all going?

Nicaragua - No sé (Video - Second Trip) "Coming Soon"

This trip was a completely different experience. I got to go back and see the new metal shack the Perez family had made with your help. I also spent a couple nights at Felix's home with his family. I had to fight through kidney stones, sickness, and simply being resigned and cynical about my ability to do anything positive in the long term. But it was also the birth of the Tiny Big Market.

Hammocks by Felix and Family

A short video of how Felix and his family make the hammocks you see on this site. As you will see they start from thread to make the twine and from there make the hammocks. It's a tremendous amount of work and they are very proud of the quality.

Perez Family Making Purses

I didn't have a lot of material as I didn't really plan on making these videos, but it gives you an idea of what goes into the making of the purses on this site. To get a real sense of the Perez family, you can watch the first video "Mi Nica" I'll be back later this year so I'll make sure to do a much better job.

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