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Just a few photos of our families and travels.

Felix & Family

Felix, his wife Susana, and children

The Perez Family

This is the plastic shack the Perez family was living in the first time I met them

Felix's Extended Family

A night everyone came to dinner.

Enjoying a Hammock

This is one of the Hammocks Felix made for me, hanging at home. One of my favorite spots in the world.

Gabbi and Sidekick

Dinner time at the Perez house

Trash Wagon

Just a street cleaning wagon I thought was interesting


This is the cleanup sink used for everything from clothes to dishes.

Karla Sewing Purses

Picture of Karla sewing purses on her machine.


Lunch at the market in Masaya, Nicaragua


A Beautiful old church in Granada, Nicaragua.


A poor attempt to keep Adriana clean

New House

Might not look like much, but it's a beautiful metal building that works very well and keeps the weather and bandits out.

Local Beer

It's Thirsty Work

Felix and Fabricio

Felix and Fabricio dropping me off at the bus

Good Soup

Great Soup made by Susana

Chili and Chips

Forget the name but I love these.

Moses Selling a Hammock

I think he sold two but to a local so at a substantially lower price. Thats the whole reason for this site.

Closing for the Day

A vendor closing up shop for the day

Felix Little ones

Felix's lovely children

Felix on the Road

Felix travels 3 days a week to sell hammocks for the family. he showed me where he sleeps at night. Basically a tree at a Gas Station with enough light he feels somewhat safe.

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