Hammocks from Nicaragua

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About The Hammocks

Felix is the first person I met on my initial trip to Nicaragua.  He was the Hammock vendor that wouldn’t take no for an answer.  After some time trying to convince him I didn’t need I hammock, I gave up and decided to invite him for dinner and a beer instead.  Over dinner I learned that he and his family along with most of his village make and sell hammocks for a living.  He and his family live deep in the north central mountains of Nicaragua, so his travel time to sell the hammocks keeps him on the road 2-3 days a week.  He typically will bring 5 to town with him in his back pack hoping to sell them all but that rarely happens, and of course the price can vary depending on how bad he needs to sell one.  Going home with nothing is hard to swallow.

I can attest to the comfort of the hammocks.  I spent much of the summer walking the dogs in the mountains around my home, and my favorite part was laying the hammock while they ran around.  These are a wonderful gift for yourself of a friend.  The impact you have on this family and community is immeasurable.

Buy One, Buy Five, give them as gifts and change lives in the process.

Handmade Hammocks from Nicaragua - $25 or $35 Ea.

These handmade hammocks from Nicaragua begin literally as thread (See Video Above). They are made of non-fading Nylon so they are extremely soft and durable. I had one out all summer in the sun/weather and it didn't fade even a little.

“Quality” “Beautiful “Non-Fading “Hang “Hand I spent all summer in mine

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“Quality” “Beautiful “Non-Fading “Hang “Hand I spent all summer in mine